Boerboel Puppies for Sale: Things to Check before Getting One

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Dog experts consider Boerboel dogs to be reliable, intelligent, and obedient. They are very playful, loyal, confident, loving, and affectionate to their families. But they can also be extremely protective and aggressive when provoked. When treated well and appropriately trained, these animals are excellent family guard dogs because of their unique blend of roughness and gentleness. If a person is looking for a Boerboel dog, there are some factors they need to consider when choosing a puppy, especially if they prefer purebred ones. Listed below are some of these factors.


People should only purchase from reputable and registered breeders. First of all, future owners want to buy their puppies from individuals who are willing to guide them along the way. Choose sellers who can guarantee the puppies they sell. Here is what people can do:

Check the seller’s premises and their homes. Their premises, as well as their homes, should be odor-free and very clean. Dogs, especially puppies, should be clean, lively, and well-fed.

Ask for proof of the pup’s health screening, which is responsible and legitimate breeders would gladly provide.

Make sure that they provide the necessary documentation of the pup’s papers or pedigree.

A reputable breeder should answer any questions willingly, as well as makes sure that the dog will find a good and loving home by asking the buyer’s questions.

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Male or female

If a person is planning to purchase a female pup, they need to check that the dog they choose has at least eight nipples. If they have decided to purchase a male one, check if both dogs’ testicles are present. They can verify this by carefully holding and feeling for them. It needs to feel like round and small marbles. A dog’s testicles should have come down into its scrota by around five to six weeks after birth.


Buyers need to check the animal’s coat. Choose a pup that has short, smooth, soft, and dense hair, providing the animal with a plush appearance. All these characteristics will help in the prevention of ticks, flies, and sunburn. Be careful with Boerboels with long hair, especially at the back of the legs, since it is unacceptable according to the Boerboel standards.


If the buyer is very particular about having a purebred pet, consider the animal’s color. According to the standards of this breed, the accepted colors include brindle or brown, as well as any shades of red, regardless of masks. But do not let its color be the main reason for choosing a pet. What is important is that other traits under the breed’s standards are met or satisfied.

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Check the animal’s pigmentation. According to the official standards of this breed, there should be enough pigmentation like a black nose, black lips, and black toenails. The hair, palate, as well as the skin around their eyes and genitals should be as black or as dark as possible. But remember that pigmentation does not have anything to do with their mask or lack thereof.


The dog’s earflaps should hang beautifully and neatly by the side of their head. Upright and half-upright flaps are considered undesirable. Verify if the ears are not too adjacent to each other.


Make sure that they have healthy teeth and a scissor bite. Scissor bites are where the incisors in their upper jaw are in contact but with a bit of overlap with their bottom jaw, which gives a scissor appearance. If the dog’s bottom lip sticks out of their upper lip at this age, there is a big chance that they have an incorrect bite when it is fully grown.


If you are looking for Boerboel puppies for sale, you have to take a closer look at their muscles. They need to have strong muscles that are well balanced. Try bending their head and examine if there is enough space between their shoulder blades. The wider the space, the better shoulder attachments, and the more strong muscles there will be. Shoulder blades need to feel rounded and not pointed.

Final thoughts

Buyers must know why they are getting a Boerboel before they buy one. If they are looking for a family friend, protector, and companion, this breed would be an excellent candidate. Take note that this animal is very sociable, as well as a loyal part of their family. Shower them with all the love and attention they deserve, and they will grow to be their family’s biggest and most loyal best friend.