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A Guide to Weed Control

It is awesome to live around a lake because you can do a lot of activities in the lake. You can, for example, get early and go fishing or just take the boat out for a spin. You will nonetheless be required to keep a focus on controlling weeds when you own lakefront property. If you cannot manage the rate at which the aquatic weeds are growing, your lake or pond will be destructed. As such it is essential that you control weeds if you want to maintain a healthy pond. You should be careful to notice some signs that indicate when your lake need weed control. This work will discuss several signs that show your lake is need of weed control.

The first sign that is plain to see is a lot of weeds. Weeds are a consequence of the presence of too many nutrients. These nutrients stimulate the development of weeds. The nutrients are often from fertilizers transported by streams to the lake. You are not required to remove all of the weed, however, some of it must be eliminated. Cattails and bulrushes are illustrations of familiar weeds that when present in small numbers, aquatic life find habitat in them. In addition, certain algae if present on the lake is a sign that weed control is needed. Blue- algae is the perfect example of weeds that produce serious toxins.

Too much muck is another signal that your lake’s ecosystem has a problem. Too much muck on a lake show that there is insufficient dissolved oxygen. As such, aerobic bacteria that depend on dissolved oxygen to digest muck are absent and in their place, anaerobic bacteria have taken over. Anaerobic bacteria give out products that nitrify weeds and kills fish. Also, be on the lookout for extremely muddy water. If the water is excessively muddy, there is distortion in the photosynthesis cycle that balances the ecosystem of the lake.

If fish are dying on the lake, it is an extra sign that weed control is necessary on that lake. Fish populations can die because of many reasons with excessive weeds being one of them. The other sign is if Quaga and Zebra mussels appear in the lake. They are common causes of destructive effects on freshwater bodies and menacing to human beings. Unfortunately, weed control does not provide an excellent solution to this problem.

In the end, controlling weeds is not the best solution to all of the challenges discussed above. Some of the challenges can be effectively be dealt with by keeping a handle on weeds. There are many different products that you can use to control weeds namely dredgers, benthic barriers, herbicides, and weed razer.

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