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Why You’ll Want to Sell Your House for Cash

It’s not easy moving to a new address, especially with the work and patience needed to sell your old house. Working with an agent, talking to potential buyers and welcoming strangers into your home can be such a load to bear, physically and especially mentally. If you’d rather skip all that, turn to a cash buyer.

Selling a house for cash is fairly quick and easy, and that is why more and more people prefer it over the traditional process. If you’re in a hurry to sell your home, this option can be particularly attractive, but there are other benefits you can expect, such as:

Zero Commissions and Closing Fees

If you sell your home to a cash buyer, you don’t have to pay any closing fees or agent commissions, which is commonly done in a conventional sale. In other words, all of the proceeds of this sale will go straight to your bank account, alone.

Quicker Sales

The process itself of selling your home for cash is way faster compared to the traditional route. There’s no need to wait around for someone to come along and show interest. No need to worry about banks or mortgage companies refusing to give loans to buyers. When you sell for cash, you’ll probably have your money within a few days after agreeing with the buyer on a price.

No Falling Through

If you’ve experienced selling a house, you know how frustrating it can be to have a buyer who falls through at the last minute. It could be anything – they found a property they liked better, they suddenly don’t want to buy a new house, they didn’t qualify for a loan, etc. Provided you have a reputable cash buyer and you have been totally honest about your house, there is no such thing as backing out.

No Need for Repairs

Selling your house to a cash buyer means there’s no need to do any repairs or renovation – they will take care of that. Cash home sales follow an “as is” rule, which simply means that the buyer will take your property regardless of its current condition. If you’re in a hurry or you don’t have the money to improve your home, selling it for cash could be your best move.

Like everywhere else though, there are scams in the cash home-buying business. If a “buyer” asks you to pay any amount up front, communicates with you only through email or sounds keen on buying your house without even seeing it, watch out. Researching the background of a potential buyer is always the first thing to do before moving forward with a deal.

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