Things to Look For in Floral Accounting Systems

Tracking a company’s financial side is a great deal of work, but to be successful, an owner must understand the numbers. While it’s not necessary for a flower shop owner to manage the money on their own, there are multiple software-based ways to measure and improve financial metrics. In this guide, owners will learn what to consider when evaluating floral accounting systems.


Before going with a particular program, find out how easy it is to use. The software’s navigation and interface should be simple and intuitive, and it should contain a data backup solution. It’s a good idea to buy from a company that offers no-cost support, has a reasonably priced service plan, or offers training on the most popular transactions and tasks. If a program isn’t easy to use, most owners will simply avoid it.


The things a software suite offers are one of the most important considerations a florist can make. Before making a selection, list the main things the shop needs to account for and track. For instance, an owner may need to know how much each floral product costs, and they may have to track the cost of goods sold. Features such as online payments, invoicing, payroll, reporting, and bank balances will help the owner monitor his or her shop’s expenses and income, as well as pointing out where changes may need to be made.


If the shop uses other financial tools, such as an e-commerce or POS system, the owner may want to consider the compatibility of that software with other programs used to run the in-store and online portions of the business. Ideally, the owner should choose an all-inclusive solution, but if they need multiple packages, they should choose one that allows data linking for real-time updates or daily transfers with CSV or Excel file uploads.

Having the right software will allow a florist to monitor their cash flow while focusing on what they do best. No more complicated duplicates and cluttered records, and no more stressing over having to do everything. Visit the site for more details or call today to find out how to get started.