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Advantages of Fish Pond Maintenance Fish Stocking and Plant Control

A fish pond which is well maintained must be having the right plants and a controlled number of fish stock. A variety of aquatic plants either submerged, emergent or floating should be in a well maintained fish pond. A good array of the ecosystem, balanced water body and a beautiful pond has the right number of aquatic plants. When you raise fish in a controlled are like in an incubator then you release them to a fishpond then that is what is known as fish stocking. There are many benefits of fish pond maintenance, fish stoking plant control which include;

You created a balanced environment for the fish in a pond when your fish pond has the diverse population. The necessary benefits in a fish pond are brought about by the native type of fish. Stocking a fish pond helps maintain weed problems. It is a natural way of removing harmful weeds from the pond especially when you stock with grass carp. There is a program of managing aquatic plants which deals with herbicides and stocking of a fish pond which removes weed.

The improvement of water quality is brought about by plant controlling. Controlled aquatic plants control the presence of unwanted nutrients in the pond. This is because some of the plants such as the emergent shoreline absorb nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus before algae uses them. Aquatic plants help in stabilization of the bottom sediments of the waterbody thus improving the water quality and clarity.

The presence of controlled plants can stabilize shoreline and the water bottom. The rooted aquatic plants always reduce the action of waves thus holding the bottom resources strongly.When all these actions occur the turbidity is reduced and re suspension of nutrients. Aquatic plants add overall beauty of the fish pond. A fish pond with controlled aquatic plants cannot be invaded by exotic plants. Balanced fish pond plants bring about a balanced number in fish and planktons.

A fish pond which is well stocked is also a recreational centre. Fish [ponds which are well stocked are tourist attraction centres. As the owner of the fish pond you will be able to make some money because when the tourists visit your place they give some amount of money. A fish pond with many plants is not good at all bercause the aquatic plants cause stress and depression of the fishes hence causing the death of the many fishes in the pond. This is one of the many reasons why fish ponds need to be controlled the plants growing inside. A well maintained fish pond is one which has a good control of the aquatic plants and also the right stocking of the fishes inside.

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