Why No One Talks About Maintenance Anymore

Everything You Need to Know About Maintenance

For me, terminology is really not that crucial. Aside from ensuring that we are talking about the same thing. If what I see as condition-based maintenance, you consider predictive maintenance does not really matter. As long as we can sensibly discuss about the underlying principles.

What is condition based maintenance and how can you use it? Since there are a lot of people who ask about the different forms of maintenance, this article would serve as a guide to answer your questions.

Corrective maintenance versus preventive maintenance
At the very outset, we see maintenance as either preventive or corrective. If we do preventive maintenance, we are actually doing a task before a failure will take palce. And these tasks are aimed in decreasing the consequences of the failure, preventing a failure, or evaluating the risks a failure would happen. On the other hand, if we do a corrective maintenance, this means that the failure has already happened and we are just restoring the efficiency and productivity of the equipment. To make things clear, corrective maintenance can be the result of a careful run to failure method.

What to understand about preventive maintenance?
Preventive maintenance can be technically defined as “an equipment maintenance method that is contingent on restoring or replacing a valuable or asset at a preset interval regardless of its current status. Under your preventive maintenance tasks are scheduled restoration tasks as well as replacement tasks.

Preventive maintenance or preventative maintenance, is fundamentally a kind of maintenance that is performed at set intervals while making sure that the equipment is still functioning with the aim to decrease the chances of failure from happening or as much as possible, stop failure.

And this type of maintenance is actually time-based, for instance, every week, every month, or every five months. On the other hand, preventive maintenance can also be founded on the utilization, for instance, every 100 cycles, every 1000 hours or like your car : service every 10000 km.

And apart from the time based maintenance or the regular interval strategy, there are also other kinds of maintenance that is included in preventive maintenance and these are the following:

Time based maintenance or TBM, failure finding maintenance or FFM, risk based maintenance or RBM, condition based maintenance or CBM and predictive maintenance or PDM.

The preventive maintenance includes a lot of different types of maintenance that are used before a failure would take place and predictive maintenance is also included in your preventive maintenance. Most people would refer to preventive maintenance as time based maintenance which refers to repair or replacement of a set interval regardless of the condition of the equipment.

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