Why your Business needs a Virtual Office

Why your Business needs a Virtual Office

What is a Virtual Office?

Virtual Office is an operational address that gives businesses or organizations a physical address and some administrative services, without the need to have the workforce physically present at this address. With a Virtual Office, employees work remotely but use this location as their mailing address and for meetings or videoconferencing.    

Why you need a Virtual Office

Technological advances in productivity software have led to an increase in the demand for virtual offices. The productivity of staff is easily trackable, and online communication lessens the need for physical interactions amongst team members. 

Whether your organization is a startup or an established business looking to restrategize, you may be asking if a Virtual Office is right for you. Here are some benefits your business stands to gain by using a Virtual Office:

  • Lower operating costs. For small businesses and startups looking to minimize overheads, a Virtual Office has significantly lower operating costs than a traditional office setup. Typical costs include a membership fee and monthly lease payments that cover workspaces as well as administrative services. 
  • Higher staff productivity. For businesses that use virtual offices, the staff does not need to be physically present except for occasional meetings. This eliminates fatigue associated with the daily commute and frees staff from distracting administrative duties, thereby allowing the workforce to focus on their core tasks. 
  • Flexible hiring options for organizations. A Virtual Office allows an organization the flexibility to hire talent outside the immediate locality without incurring relocation costs. 
  • Greater business visibility. Small businesses often stand to gain greater visibility when associated with an address in a reputable location. Virtual Offices with addresses in prestigious locations such as a city’s downtown core or a well-known street are desirable for this reason. 

How to Choose a Virtual Office

Armed with the above information you may be asking, what are the factors to consider in choosing the right Virtual Office service for one’s business?

  • Location. The Virtual Office service you choose should have an address suited to services offered by your organization. A financial services firm, for instance, should consider an address within the city’s Financial District. It is also important to note that employees may be required to commute to this location occasionally. This should be considered when choosing a Virtual Office service.
  • Services offered. Virtual Offices typically offer auxiliary services like telephone answering and general administrative duties. The right Virtual Office for your business should offer services that cater to your business needs.
  • Flexibility. Like with a traditional office, employees of an organization using a Virtual Office may be required to be physically present on some weekends and holidays. Finding a Virtual Office that offers this flexibility is a plus.