3 Cost-Effective Ways to Add Personality to Any Type of Office

Since most workers spend at least one-third of each weekday in some form of office, it’s important for that space to feel unique and welcoming. Whether you’re a business owner focused on growth or a freelancer looking for work-life balance, you can create a personalized space on a budget.

Expanding Entrepreneur

Did you just hire five new employees without thinking where they’ll sit? Growth is good, but furnishing an office can get expensive quickly when you add up costs for desks, chairs, tables, and lobby furniture. Consider selecting pre-owned commercial office furniture to save a little bit on your upfront costs. Check online as well in physical stores to find the style you love while spending only a fraction of what you’d spend on new furniture.

Remote Employee

Many of today’s employees enjoy the flexibility of working in shared spaces. Unless you can fit some potted plants in your work bag, though, those spaces can come with design challenges. When you’re using a different desk each day, how can you personalize it? Go beyond traditional decor and focus more broadly on what sort of personality the coworking space itself can offer. Seek out a colorful, uniquely-designed space that inspires you without needing to add anything extra.

Work-From-Home Freelancer

Do you need to work from your house but don’t have a dedicated office space? No problem! You can create an inspiring spot no matter how limited space may seem. Purchase a small, space-saving desk that could double as a console table, set up a screen divider to give you instant privacy or opt for a wall-mounted desk that pulls out from the wall like a cabinet!

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a remote employee or a freelancer who works from home, you can easily craft a personalized, unique workspace on a budget. Tap into your creative side to leverage furniture and office space selections to create the office you’ve always wanted.