3 Signs Your Wood Floors Need to Be Refinished

If you have wood floors in your home, it’s important to take proper care of them and keep them in good condition. Maintaining your wood floors on a regular basis also means paying attention to any issues and resolving them with a refinishing project. Here are some common signs that your wood flooring is in need of refinishing.

1. Discoloration

Wood floors that have become discolored are in desperate need of a refinishing project. Discoloration is typically caused by a number of different factors, including excessive exposure to UV rays, moisture stains, iron stains and the species of wood. Regardless of what led to your discolored flooring, it’s a good idea to search for refinishing services at dsr-corp.com to restore your floors immediately.

2. Scratches

While a few scratches here and there are inevitable, it’s important to recognize when your wood flooring has begun to accumulate too many of these marks. Not only do scratches compromise the quality of your wood floors, but they also negatively affect the appearance of your home’s interior. Refinishing your floors is the most practical way to restore their appearance and keep further damage at bay.

3. Water Damage

Water damage can lead to a host of problems that may impact your wood floors. If your flooring has been exposed to excessive water or moisture, you may begin to notice discoloration or separated floorboards. Once you’ve refinished your flooring, be sure to identify the source of water damage, whether it’s a leaking water heater or an overflowing toilet. This can help prevent the issue from happening again.

Your wood flooring is an important asset of your living space. To ensure that it’s consistently in top condition, look out for these signs and take action as soon as possible to help improve the state of your wood floors.

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