5 Simple Ways to Make Your Company Eco-Friendly

There is no question that becoming an environmentally friendly company is good for business. In today’s green-focused society, being eco-friendly can provide a significant boost to a business’ reputation, and helps create a more attractive bottom line.

With these five simple ideas, you can help your company reap the many benefits of increased environmental awareness in no time at all.

1. Identify Reusable Resources

Evaluate the resources your company requires to meet production and service goals and identify which materials can be procured from recycled materials. Whether it is refurbished office equipment or reclaimed textiles for janitorial cleaning rags, the cost savings is tremendous, along with the decreased impact on the planet.

2. Establish Green Relationships

Though advertising a company as eco-friendly puts the word out to business partners and customers, making them part of the process further expands the business’ mission...

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