Obama Housing Bailout Plan – Who’s in and Who’s Out

Ever since the economy shriveled up due to the imploding loan mortgage bubble, the focus of the day is right on foreclosures. The Obama housing bailout plan is allocating some money to save the millions who are losing or are about to lose their homes. The big question is to which people will the 75 billion dollar fund be given to? Everyone, even those who are not sick or desperate wants to have a piece of that cash handout. Everyone, in this kind of economy, needs a little financial help. So who is qualified for this and what will happen to those people who need it but are not qualified?

Those Who Qualify for the Obama Housing Bailout Plan

So here is the deal that the administration is offering homeowners everywhere: the first and foremost qualification of people who may apply for the bailout is that their monthly mortgage must be more than 31{8267d64a106f8dc6f26ea1c4ef8b0a6d396ccf853f1c860e765a25170ef08209} of their total monthly income. This is to ensure that only those who really can’t keep up with the payments are given help. Also, just people who bought their house before January 2009 are included. The house in question must be the primary living quarters of the family at present. If it is a vacation house or a house for rent, then it will not qualify. Moreover, the last ingredient to the mix is that the homeowner must be under a financial crisis that was unavoidable such as a decrease of income due to a job transfer or loses a death in the family, a health crisis, etc. Even homeowners who are still currently paying their bills on time can qualify if they fit all these other requirements.

Even if you have very poor or almost no equity, you can still be part of the plan and refinance into a fifteen or thirty-year rate. This new fixed mortgage is only possible if the original lease is not more than a hundred five percent of the house’s value today. These, however, can be open to those who want to borrow with Arlington Mortgage Lender without guarantee.

What Happens to Those Who Don’t Qualify?

So many Americans are angry right now because they do not qualify for such a loan term and that they have pay for the troubles of people who risked such a best mortgage lenders in texas to buy a big house in the first place. However, according to the Obama Administration, the plan will benefit everyone. If the foreclosures continue, everyone will suffer because foreclosed homes serve to devalue the property around them. Some studies forecast that the foreclosures in an area can help to bring down the surrounding property value to around eight to nine percent. That is going to affect everybody.

Moreover, if the banks keep falling behind due to foreclosures, the whole economy will suffer anyway. Therefore, the Obama housing bailout plan is in everyone’s best interest. That is if the bailout succeeds in helping many people avoid foreclosure.