Scheduling Your Best Work-From-Home Day

Scheduling Your Best Work-From-Home Day

Working from home requires a level of discipline that you might not be used to. While working at home all day in your pajamas sounds nice, it is not always easy to do. It is often difficult to motivate yourself into having a productive workday, which is why a routine is so important. Consider these tips for having your most productive work-from-home day.

Get Ready for Work

Working in your pajamas might sound like a dream come true, but it can easily make you less productive and more likely to lounge around all day. Instead, get up and get dressed as soon as your alarm clock goes off. You do not have to wear your business casual clothes at home, but simply putting on a shirt, jeans and shoes can get you in the right frame of mind for the day.

Take a Lunch Break

Working nonstop is not good for your physical health or your productivity, so make sure you take some scheduled breaks throughout the day. The key is just to not let them last too long. At lunch, be diligent about eating nutritious foods that will help get you through the afternoon. You might be surprised at the effect a healthy meal has on your productivity.

Start and Finish at the Same Time

One of the dangers of working at home is working too much. You may not have specific start and end times established, but you should make this a priority. It helps you distinguish between work and family time, which is essential as a telecommuting worker.

Keeping a routine is one of the most effective ways of staying on task and staying productive each workday. Just as you would have a set routine in the office, you should strive to have the same during your work hours at home.

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